Program Description

ERP Compact is a comprehensive accounting software for small and medium sized companies. It is created to make the accounting operations process easier and give the entrepreneur the operational information about the condition and development of his/her business.

ERP Compact includes the following modules:

  • Procurement
  • Warehouse and supplies
  • Production
  • Sales (retail and wholesale sales)
  • Distribution
  • CRM
  • RS.ge
  • Banks
  • CEO monitor
  • E-commerce
  • Reports

ERP Compact helps small and medium sized companies to improve their daily work process. Software gives you the opportunity to easily register almost all documents of trade, warehouse and production accounting and cash flow.

Software is created to automate managerial accounting and to control and analyse business processes by small and medium-sized companies working in different industries.

Training Goal

Informing the participants about the functional capabilities of ERP Compact and their rapid and high quality preparing to use system efficiently.

Within the course, every participant will be provided with detailed information about the various modules of the system and ongoing operations in each module.

You will have the opportunity to :

  • Learn to work with the system;
  • Get information on basic principles of financial and managerial accounting;
  • Get acquainted with the enterprise specifics;
  • Discuss the basic operations of the enterprise;
  • Analyze the impact of each operation on the final results.

Target Audience

The target audience of this training is quite diverse and includes:

  • Company owners, founders and managing partners so that they have information about the capabilities of ERP system and be able to use system effectively use of for decision making.
  • Various managers of trade, manufacture and service industries (procurement, sales, warehouse, production, logistics, etc.).
  • Managers responsible for the operational management of the processes in the enterprise;
  • Integrators - specialists willing to get additional income. For more information see the link: http://erpcompact.ge/integratori/

Training Duration

Training duration 12 hours

Teaching Methodology

Teaching is being conducted both with theory as well as practically, by discussing cases of your company's business processes. Students are given assignments during the trainings and have access to the demo version.

After completing the course you will:

  • Know about the functionality of the program;
  • Configure program options independently without any help;
  • Effectively use software capabilities for accounting, planning, controlling and analysis of financial, production, supplies and other directions of the company;
  • Control employees' work schedule and their performance using the software capabilities;
  • Quickly find the desired information in the software without an extra effort.


15-minute break is provided during the lectures.

Study materials will be given to the students for free.