Security of technical devices, servers and information bases is vitally important for the smooth work of business. That's why from the first day of the project, our clients possess information about the activities that are necessary for the security of information bases and maintenance of server.

If these actions are over the responsibility of your IT employee, OneSoft offers system administrator service, in which case our team will make sure that your information bases are secured and server works without any interruptions.

Who is a system administrator?

System Administrator - is a specialist that protects your server and information bases located on it from damage by performing various technical work. He is responsible for the smooth operation of the system.

Within the system administrator service, the following works are performed on the server:

  • Ensuring smooth operation of the server and constant monitoring
  • Ensuring smooth operation of the internal network connected to the server - making changes in the network equipment
  • Protecting the information on the server to eliminate unauthorized access to it
  • Administration of Data Reservation System - Making copies of active bases in database
  • Protection of the current system
  • Eliminating system-related problems
  • Cleaning server from viruses
  • Optimization of work software and operating systems
  • Fixing incidents and finding fast solutions
  • Consulting on server-related issues
  • Recommendations on server data

Our team is ready to provide you with high quality services and avoid risk of server damage or loss of information bases. With this service, we try to help your company smooth and uninterrupted work.