About the Product

ERP Compact is a comprehensive accounting software for small and medium sized companies. It is created to make the process of accounting operations easier and give the entrepreneur the operational information about the condition and development of his/her business.

ERP Compact includes the following modules:

  • Procurement
  • Warehouse and supplies
  • Production
  • Sales (retail and wholesale sales)
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • CRM
  • RS.ge
  • Banks
  • CEO monitor
  • E-commerce
  • Reports

ERP Compact helps small and medium sized companies to improve their daily work process. Software gives you the opportunity to easily register almost all documents of trade, warehouse and production accounting and cash flow.

For who

Software is created to automate managerial accounting and to control and analyse business processes by small and medium-sized companies working in different industries, including:

  • Production
    • Food products
    • Agricultural products
    • Restaurants (HoReCa)
    • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Heavy Industry and more
  • Trade
    • Retail trade
    • Wholesale trade
    • Distribution
    • Online shopping (e-commerce)
  • Services
    • Construction
    • Transport services
    • Auto dealers
    • Consulting services
    • Tourism
    • Lease services and more


ERP Compact possibilities:

  • Procurement automation by synchronization with RS.ge
  • Perfect warehouse accounting
  • Controlling production processes
  • Automation of retail and wholesale trade operations
  • Maintaining customer databases and controlling payments
  • Accounting of bank and cash operations
  • Assigning tasks to staff and controlling their performance
  • Distribution management
  • Integration with online stores
  • Analysis of revenues, expenses and profits of the company

Software can be installed on your personal computer or tablet as well as cloud service. ERP Compact can be connected with the Internet.

Software important advantages:

  • Easy and convenient interface
  • Business management opportunity from any point of the world
  • Optimal price
  • An effective mechanism for implementing the software - technical specialist (integrator) in any region of Georgia
  • The possibility of integration with external connecting devices (barcode scanner, cash register, thermal printer)

Software is not overloaded with extra functionality. With the parameters panel system visuals can be adjusted to the company, ensuring the simplicity of the sofware implementation and the convenience of working with it.

For more detailed information for the possibilities of software, go to the link.