About the Product

1C ERP 2.1 represents the largest and innovative software solution created based on 1C latest platform that fully meets modern ERP solution standards and is designed to automate business processes of large scale commercial and government organizations.

1C ERP 2.1 is a management tool that allows the managers to plan, count, control and analyze company ongoing processes. This business solution gives us opportunity to determine the goals of the company, plan the processes, automate the planned processes and regulate the accounting.

1C ERP 2.1 can be used for effective accounting, control and analysis of trade operations, as well as difficult and multi-stage production processes.

1C ERP 2.1 includes all directions of organization activities:

  • Procurement
  • Warehouse and supplies
  • Production
  • Sales (retail and wholesale sales)
  • Difficult operation planning
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • CRM
  • HR - personnel management
  • Recruitment and salaries
  • Document flow
  • Cash funds
  • Accounting
  • Financial statements
  • Budgeting
  • RS.ge

1C ERP 2.1 allows you to effectively manage your business and make business processes fully automated.

For who

The software is designed to automate the financial and managerial accounting of large companies and government organizations working in different industries. 1C ERP 2.1 fully covers the following directions:

  • Production
    • Food products
    • Agricultural products
    • Restaurants (HoReCa)
    • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Heavy Industry and more
  • Trade
    • Retail trade
    • Wholesale trade
    • Distribution
    • Online shopping (e-commerce)
  • Services
    • Construction
    • Transport services
    • Auto dealers
    • Consulting services
    • Tourism
    • Lease services and more

For organizations with diverse business processes, 1C ERP 2.1 has simple and flexible mechanisms for planning, accounting, control and analysis.

1C ERP 2.1 is designed according to the world business best practices, which is why it has the functional capabilities that are most demanded by organizations working in different industries.

1C ERP 2.1 creates new opportunities, simplifies the daily activities of the company and facilitates automation of routine operations.


1C ERP 2.1 possibilities:

  • Maintaining customer and vendor databases
  • Accounting of orders, trade operations, revenues and expenses
  • Procurement automation
  • Perfect warehouse accounting
  • Accounting of performed tasks and services
  • Accounting and controlling the terms of planned and executed operations
  • Controlling production processes
  • Staff accounting, payments
  • Accounting of bank and cash operations
  • Accounting in several currencies simultaneously
  • Controlling debitorials and creditorials
  • Accounting and control of settlements with tax authorities
  • Accounting of fixed and intangible assets
  • Full information about the company's financial condition: Accounting of earnings, cash flow, profit-loss and capital
  • Financial budgeting

1C ERP 2.1 basic advantages are:

  • Management mechanism based on planning and accounting
  • The possibility of consolidating company owned information
  • Existence of mechanisms necessary for analysis
  • Flexible reporting
  • Quick access to information necessary for the right decision
  • Software replaces the dozens of tables, documents, reports and provides you with the detailed information about ongoing processes in the company
  • 1C ERP 2.1 is comfortable for employees, as it gives the opportunity for effective time management
  • Invoice templates customized to the company requirements (the possibility of adding the needed information)
  • Printing templates customized to company requirements
  • Opportunity to manage your business from any point of the world
  • Software supports all leading browsers
  • Mobile analytical platform
  • Integration with State Services (Revenue Service, Banks)
  • The possibility of integration with external connecting devices (barcode scanner, cash register, thermal printer)

1C ERP 2.1 maximally fits the company business processes, with the parameters panel it's possible to adjust the system visually, thus ensuring the convenience of working with the software.

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