About the Product

1C Medicine is a modern solution for automating the management and accounting of network organizations in a multi-profile medical industry.

1C Medicine is a multi functional ERP system that includes all directions of the medical institution (outpatients and hospital) and is fully adapted to Georgian legislation.

The software solution is presented in several types:

  • БИТ - Medical Centre Management - Corp – Innovative decision for medical centers and / or network clinics. The product is designed for large-scale medical institutions, leader companies, or those who aspire to lead
  • БИТ - Medical Centre Management - The software product is intended for mid-size medical institutions and gives us the opportunity to effectively solve the major problems facing the clinic
  • БИТ - Medical Center Management – Start - The software product is designed for startup medical centers and clinics

For who

1C Medicine is intended for medical organizations of various organizational and legislative forms that carry out medical services in outpatient-polyclinic and inpatient conditions.

Depending on the size of the medical institution, the relevant business solution will be chosen to make the ongoing processes in the clinic automated.

The software gives medical institutions the opportunity for patient flow management and personalized accounting of medical service. 1C Medicine considers all the peculiarities of the business processes of poly-clinical, clinical and para-clinical departments of the medical organization.


1C Medicine allows us to include different departments of the medical institution and automate the ongoing processes in these departments:


  • General registry of network clinics
  • Patient registry


  • Formation of a phone call list
  • Recording conversations
  • Special reports about the load of lines / operators

Patient loyalty program

  • Keeping complete information on the data and visits of patients
  • Big opportunities for pricing
  • discount schemes

Personnel and service quality assessment

  • Quality control - evaluation of clinical personnel and quality of service by patients
  • Registering patients requirements, wishes, advice and recommendations
  • Preparing special questionnaires for patients
  • Different types of reporting on the opinions expressed by the patients

Medical accounting

  • Electronic medical records on each patient
  • Easily editable reception blanks
  • Diagnosis based on the International Classification of Diseases

Accounting of employees and accrued salaries

  • Employees' work schedule accounting
  • Salary calculation
  • Different types of reporting on the productivity of employees

Warehouse accounting and working with vendors

  • Calculation of expenditures according to established norms
  • Standard warehouse operations: placing goods in warehouse, inventory, etc
  • Controlling materials, setting minimum thresholds

Reporting and statistics

  • Sales, goods and cash flow reports
  • Various types of reporting on customer relations
  • Reports on staff
  • Financial statements

Software important advantages:

  • Opportunity to work in network - you can connect to the software from any place with the Internet
  • Modern and user-friendly interface
  • Direct integration with IP-phone providers - in case of call-center
  • Mobile app for customers and clinic management team
  • Obtaining operational information about various indicators of effectiveness
  • Opportunity to develop own indicators
  • Graphic image of dynamics of each indicator
  • Analyzing data with different filters
  • Receiving notifications about the events set on the control
  • Mobile app in Russian and English
  • Opportunity to work with data in offline mode
  • Electronic signature capability in electronic medical card
  • Working with DICOM devices

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