About the Product

About the product

1C Docflow is the effective software solution by 1C designed to automate business processes related to documentation of various size companies.

1C Docflow ensures full cycle automation of working with internal and external documents of company, as well as accounting of electronic and paper documents.

Software gives the opportunity to register incoming and outgoing correspondence and to generate automatic registration numbers with a complex rule for it.

Registration of documents in the system is carried out in accordance with the standards set by the company's requirements and the rule of conducting the cases.

1C Docflow allows you to work with any type of file. The automatic generation function from file templates is designed to facilitate standardization of document flow and simplifies the process of creating typical documents to personnel. Files are stored in the software in folder structure.

The software product allows automation of document flow accounting, interconnection between employees, controlling the staff performance and complex analysis.

For who

Software can be effectively used in both state organizations and private companies. The company may be a small size, represented by a single structural unit or a holding - with big customer base and many structural units. 1C Docflow provides the opportunity to satisfy both size company requirements.


1C Docflow possibilities:

  • Document centralized safe keeping
  • Paper document maintenance
  • Personal data accounting
  • Instant access to the necessary documents considering the access rights of users
  • Incoming and outgoing documents registration
  • Document viewing and edition
  • Keeping the versions of documents
  • Document full text search according to their content
  • Opportunity to work with any type and format documents: MS office documents, texts, images, audio-video files, designing system documents, archives, applications, etc.
  • Internal document registration (instructions, work records, assignments)
  • Organizing collective work of users, the possibility to agree, perform and control   documents and confirmations
  • Document routing
  • The opportunity to work with documents collectively
  • Accounting and control personnel working hours
  • Control and analysis of the work performed by employees
  • Automated download of documents directly from the email or scanner
  • Resolution mechanism
  • Making references between documents
  • Opportunity of collective work with the same file

Software important advantages:

  • Each document has an accounting-registration card
  • Work folders can be created by considering various logics: according to organizational structure, file contents or access rights
  • Many users can work simultaneously in the software through both internal network or Internet using web browser
  • Software includes automatic downloading of incoming, outgoing, internal documents and files from the scanner
  • 1C Docflow is integrated with the e-mail, so it is possible to send any document and file via e-mail directly from the software. Also, downloading the incoming and internal documents from the e-mail directly to 1C Docflow
  • Incoming and outgoing documents are automatically linked with each other in the correspondence chain. The chain can be decrypted from both the incoming and outgoing documents, as well as the correspondent's card
  • Software includes registration of incoming and outgoing documents, recipients of which are not only legal entities but ordinary citizens
  • Opportunity to assemble additional data (analytical fields) without turning off the system for incoming and outgoing documents. Requisites can be assigned according to the types of documents. Each document can be arranged so that only the necessary collection of standard and additional requisites appear on it
  • All internal documents are kept in folders structures of can be formatted and changed according to the organizational structure of the company or the types of documents themselves
  • Each folder can be set for users or groups of users to perform the following actions: Read, add, edit and delete

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