If due to different reasons you prefer to have your own hardware/server, OneSoft is ready to help you with this issue either.

Our team of experienced specialists will help you to properly select and purchase a hardware that will meet needs of your company.

While selecting a hardware you should take into consideration the following criteria:

Company scale, goals and objectives

Implementation of the ERP system, as a rule, serves to accomplishment of various goals of the company. Every company has a different scale, so our team will help you to select a hardware that will be in compliance with your ERP system as well as your company's tasks. Companies with different scale and information base capacity need hardware with different technical characteristics.

ERP system requirements to hardware

Each industry is different with its characteristics. Companies working in different industries use different types of software solution. Based on the scale each software has the recommended requirements for the technical equipment. OneSoft specialists team will help you to analyze the requirements of your ERP system for the hardware and depending on your daily operations, we'll help you to select the hardware that will meet to your business needs.

Long-term investment

Considering that nowadays technologies change fast, it's necessary to correctly select the hardware that will serve you not only physically but also keeps actuality. IT team of OneSoft can provide qualified consultation in this regard to each interested person and provide with accurate information about the characteristics of the required hardware.

Budget and financial funds

The prices of hardware vary in very large range and it's often difficult to choose hardware that will be an optimal combination of company’s needs and budget. OneSoft offers affordable prices for the various types of hardware.

We can provide you with the complete service: hardware selection, purchasing and setting up.