Nowadays, more and more companies opt for cloud services because of its advantages.

If you don't have your own server, we can offer you a cloud service.

What is cloud service and what are its advantages?

Cloud service implies placing company information, software licenses and information base in the cloud space. The main advantages of cloud service are:

The absence of capital expenditures

Choosing cloud service means that the company has the opportunity to avoid costly equipment (server, network equipment, etc.). Cloud service is like rent - you don't have the primary cost and you have the right to use the software with your terms.


When using cloud service you can quickly, easily and efficiently fit your business needs. You can increase or decrease the required volume without additional capital expenditures. Cloud service is the best for rapidly growing businesses with variable needs. Such high level of flexibility creates a competitive advantage. It is not accidental that the IT managers name operational flexibility as the main incentive for switching to Cloud service.


When using cloud service your company's software licenses and information base are maximally protected. It can be said that there's no danger because the risk of losing information is down to minimal. Information is stored in the cloud and you can access it anytime and from any point with the Internet connection. The trustworthiness and safety are the most important factors when considering switching to cloud.

Automatic updates

Cloud Service provides with the easy exchange of data and allows you to get automatic updates in real time.

When the company uses cloud service, other than the above mentioned advantages, it has the opportunity to keep up with the modernity and enjoy the updates. With the help of OneSoft team, all customers of cloud service have the opportunity to receive regular updates.

Speed and convenience 

The main thing is to get access to the Internet and the connection with the software through the cloud becomes very simple. You will connect with your database from any point, and you don't need a long time or a various complicated procedures for this .

Cloud Service - More flexibility for your business!