Result of business processes automation- Kärcher Georgia

Company Overview

Kärcher Caucasus is the official representative of Kärcher in the Caucasus region and it is responsible for three countries: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.


Each industry has its own specifics that should be taken into account during business automation process.

Kärcher Caucasus required a modern, technologically equipped ERP system that would simplify the workflow, both between company departments and with suppliers, customers and partners.

Considering that the headquarters of the company is located in Germany, It was essential for German partners to have the possibility to access the system any time in order to take out the information from program whenever needed.

Problem Solution

The given case was studied in detail by the group of OneSoft specialists and as a result Kärcher Caucasus was offered several alternative ways to solve the problem. Together with the staff of Kärcher Caucasus, we considered different alternatives and chose the most effective solution: We have implemented the ERP Standard system and with the help of our developers we've added a lot of non-standard functions to the software, specifically, reports and printing forms suitable for Kärcher business processes. In parallel with the implementation, we've worked on integration with other systems. We've connected ERP Standard with the system of suppliers and as a result Kärcher employees exchange the information quickly and efficiently.

The result of automation is that minimum time is spent on daily routine operations. There’s a convenient mechanism for drawing up and processing reports. All current processes in the company are being accounted in the united system.

Current Situation

In the ERP system, which is being used by Kärcher Caucasus, all the necessary functions of planning, accounting, operational management, control and analysis are implemented. Given business solution contributes to the effective growth of company, offers the wide range of tools to the management of the company, and creates favorable conditions for employees to work efficiently.

With the help of the system Kärcher have the abilities for:

- Excellent warehouse accounting;

- Creating databases of consumers and suppliers;

- accounting for different types of operations in the company;

- Debit/Credit payment controls

- controlling the timing of planned and completed operations.

The process of extracting the information from the software is simplified, because the system is friendly with Excel. You can import/export any data in the appropriate format.

Future Plans

The company is expanding and opening new branches. Hence, it needs advices and recommendations regarding the software. As the management of Kärcher declares, they have active daily communications with OneSoft: they plan various works with the help of OneSoft ERP specialists and set out goals. They hope for the support of our company in the future to solve various problems associated with the software.