Automation of production processes inTelavi Wine Cellar

In 1915, near the town of Telavi, in its north-eastern part, Telavi Wine Cellar was founded. It's almost a century that history and innovation go together hand in hand in this company. Telavi Wine Cellar, while maintaining dedication to the traditions of Kakhetian winemaking, keeps pace with modernity, takes into account historical experience and creates wines with the latest methodology that bring pleasure to the consumers with finest tastes  from different countries.


In 2014, in Telavi Wine Cellar appeared the need to implement the software that would automate production processes while taking into account the specifics of wine production. The system had to integrate all the necessary mechanisms that would simplify the accounting of the full production cycle from the care of the vineyards to the realization of bottled wine.


After identifying problems and needs, Telavi Wine Cellar referred to the company OneSoft. After a detailed study of the case, it was decided to implement a comprehensive software solution - ERP Standard. The first stage was purchasing of licenses, which was followed by trainings and implementation process.  After two years of implementation of ERP Standard, along with the growth of company and business procedures, OneSoft offered Telavi Wine Cellar to implement a more complex ERP System with much more possibilities.In 2016, companies started working on  implementation of ERP 2.1.

Current Situation

We all know that technologies play a huge role in the successful development of almost any business.  So, we the question is which software solutions is better for a particular business.Based on the current situation in the Telavi Wine Cellar, it can be said that the company uses the correctly chosen accounting mechanism.

The system easily accounts the processes of vintage, pressing, preservation, bottling, realization, export of wine. Also the program has further opportunities of analysis for all these operations.

Company successfully uses different modules of the system: purchases, warehouse operations, trade operations, complex and multistage production, accounting and financial modules. At this stage, Telavi Wine Cellar uses our remote support service. In case of questions related to the software, company employees contact us and we try to help them as quickly as possible.

At Telavi Wine Cellar, processes are decentralized, departments operate independently from each other and all the information falls into a united system.

Future Plans

ERP 2.1 is the right tool that allows Telavi Wine Cellar to be competitive in the market - to plan account, control and analysis all processes in production.

In the future, company plans to expand, hoping for support of OneSoft. We, from our side , try to offer our customers the most up-to-date and software solutions with more and better capabilities..